All pricing including packages, products, and fees are subject to change at any time.

photography services

All photography services are performed on-location. The session fee does not include digital or printed products unless otherwise stated in the package and/or contract. Sneak previews may or may not be posted Kimgirl Creative Co. social media accounts or blog posts.

All sessions are processed, edited, and delivered in an online proofing gallery within 2-6 weeks.  Online proofing galleries will have watermarked images available for purchase. Purchased high-resolution digital files or printed products will be delivered sans-watermark.**

Clients will not be shown or given RAW or unedited files. Kimgirl Creative Co. will choose the images to process, edit, and deliver. Family members or friends of clients are not permitted to have access to any files not delivered to the client. Kimgirl Creative Co. is not responsible for images not captured due to incidents beyond personal control, poor planning or time management, interference by family members, etc. 

Proofing galleries require email capture for entry. This collection of data is solely for statistical measurement and will not be used for promotional purposes.

A password will be added to all Boudoir galleries by default, in addition to the email capture. Images showing any identifying aspects will not be shared publicly unless permission has been previously granted by the client. A password may be applied to any online proofing gallery per client request.

Screen-shotting images is not permitted. Further editing or cropping of delivered images is not permitted. The client may not use the delivered images for profit. A personal print release may be obtained by request after high-resolution digital files have been purchased. This print release allows the client to print through a company of their choosing, for personal use only.

Clients are encouraged to save purchased digital files in multiple locations, as Kimgirl Creative Co. is not responsible for lost or damaged files. Galleries are typically archived after 6 months to one year. A one-time fee may incur should the files be un-archived for any reason.

Kimgirl Creative Co. retains the original copyright to all images, and may display their work on their website and social media platforms as means of promoting photography services. 

**Printed products are produced and processed outside of Kimgirl Creative Co. therefor Kimgirl Creative Co. cannot be held accountable for third-party privacy policies, return policies, payment policies, etc. 

design services

Personal and business branding projects have a timeline of 2-6 weeks. Website design for branding clients has an additional timeline of 2-8 weeks. Project timelines will vary slightly, depending on project scope, scheduling, and client response time. A detailed proposal with a sample timeline and project overview is sent to the client prior to starting design work. After a proposal is accepted, contract signed, and non-refundable retainer is paid, the client is sent a digital welcome packet and "Client Homework." Once the homework has been completed, the design workflow begins.

Products and services may be added to the invoice as necessary, which may affect the timeline and overall project scope, and additional charges will be reflected on the invoice.

It is the responsibility of the client to save copies of all deliverables. Kimgirl Creative Co. is not required to keep files after delivery, and may charge an additional fee after the project has been archived to retrieve any files. Kimgirl Creative Co. is not responsible for damaged or lost content.

In the event that the client is  dissatisfied with their final project results, Kimgirl Creative Co. will work with the client to address and correct any issues, within the terms of the signed contract. Additional changes or alterations required that would put the project outside of the original proposal or project scope will be billed separately.

Kimgirl Creative Co. retains the original copyright to all design work, and may display the work (sketches, process, completed, rejected, or otherwise) on their website and social media platforms as means of promoting design services. 

billing + payment

All services provided by Kimgirl Creative Co. have payment schedules with non-refundable retainer fees. These payment schedules are clear and available to refer to in the job contract and invoice, which can be accessed at any time through the Client Portal. Alternate payment plans may be provided, if requested by the client, at the discrepancy of Kimgirl Creative Co. 

Brand & Web Payment Schedule: 50/25/25
50% of the total amount is due at the time of booking, after the proposal has been accepted and the contract has been signed. This is a non-refundable retainer fee which holds a series of dates in my calendar to complete the work required for the project. 25% of the amount is due halfway through the project timeline. The remaining 25% is due before the launch of the project. 

Booking Fee (for projects booked out 4 weeks or more): 25%
25% of the total package is due at the time of booking.
25% of the total package is due at the project start date, then the payment schedule is then same as the Brand & Web Payment Schedule detailed above.

Wedding Photography Payment Schedule: $500/Remainder
A $500 non-refundable retainer fee is due upon booking/signing of the contract.  The remaining amount is due no later than 7 days before the wedding date. Should the wedding date change or the event be cancelled, a cancellation agreement will be sent where the client acknowledges that their retainer fee will not be returned.

Lifestyle Photography Payment Schedule: 25/75
25% of the total session fee is due at the time of booking/signing of the contract. This is a non-refundable retainer fee and it reserves a spot on the booking calendar of Kimgirl Creative Co. After retainer fee has been paid, vendors are contacted and reserved for the session date as well. Rescheduling of the  

Invoices must be paid on or before the due date.
An invoice is added to the Client Portal before the start of the project and can be accessed at any time. There is no excuse for late payment and there is no such thing as 'not receiving an invoice.' Accepted methods of payment are electronic bank transfer, credit or debit card or check by certified mail. PayPal payments are not accepted. Cash payments through the mail are not accepted. After payments are received, the off-boarding process begins and all deliverables (logos, working files, brand guidelines, video tutorials, etc.)  are sent and websites are transferred to the client. Kimgirl Creative Co. retains ownership of the website and design files until final payment has been received. If the client refuses to pay the remaining balance, their permissions to the website will be removed, the website will be locked, and the design files will be held until the invoice has been paid in full. 

Cancellation policy

At Kimgirl Creative Co. we understand that things happen and people change their minds.

Payment schedules, contracts, and project timelines are put in place to protect all parties and keep everyone on the same page. If a client decides to move in a different direction or part ways after a project has been started that is okay.  The client should check the contract thoroughly. Kimgirl Creative Co. may decide to cease work on a project as well. In any case, a contract for cancellation of services will be sent along with an invoice for total amount of hours worked on the project up to point of cancellation, billed at $50/hour.

A retainer fee applies to services only and cannot be used toward physical or digital products, or travel fees. A retainer fee may not be transferred to other parties, although it may be applied to a future services of equal or lesser value within 6 months of original scheduled event, at the discrepancy of Kimgirl Creative Co.

Open and honest communication is practiced and encouraged. 

privacy policy

We respect your privacy.

Personal information provided by you will not be shared with third-parties.

Your privacy is important to Kimgirl Creative Co. We do not collect any personally identifying information (such as your name or email address) unless you specifically and knowingly give it to us. If that information is provided by you, it is used solely for the stated purpose unless you have previously agreed otherwise to additional use. Kimgirl Creative Co. is on the Squarespace platform, which may use "cookies" to collect basic information about your computer and Internet connection (date/time/you accessed the site) and is typically used for statistical purposes. At times, Kimgirl Creative Co. may link to external websites and Kimgirl Creative Co. cannot be responsible for third party privacy policies.