Welcome to the Kimgirl Creative Co. resources page. These are the applications and platforms that I rely on and use at Kimgirl Creative Co.

I always get asked, "What do you use to run your business?" Contracts, invoicing, website, business cards, client management... there is a lot of behind-the-scenes action to keep a business going. 

I have tested each product or service on this list and I highly recommend any of them to creative entrepreneurs, bloggers, makers, or anyone with a small business who wants to scale!

I am a big fan of 100% transparency. This page contains affiliate links.

That means I may receive commissions when you click the  links and make purchases.  There is no additional cost to you and I would not share any products or services with  I didn't 100% believe in. I  try my best to keep my reviews and suggestions fair, balanced, and unbiased so that you can make the best decisions for your biz. I talk a lot about how I use these tools on the Kimgirl Creative Co. Instagram - If you have any questions about how I use a specific program for my business, feel free to contact me



Gallery delivery


Pic-time is the best gallery delivery system that I have used EVER. It’s easy for clients to navigate, it’s GORGEOUS, and it has so many features that I felt other galleries were missing.

Clients can view and share their favorite images, create more than just prints -think calendars, greeting cards, and the list is being added to all the time.

PLUS I can collect their emails and send marketing campaigns for special offers in their customized store. It’s amazing.

The upload time is close to warp speed. If you have been looking for the perfect way to deliver images to your clients, this is it.



The CRM that I use for Kimgirl Creative Co.

Keeping your business organized can be really hard. It's even harder if you don't have a CRM. Dubsado is what I use to manage both my design and photography clients and I honestly can't say enough about this Client Relationship Manager.

I am able to manage leads, create packages, template emails and contracts, set up workflows, send proposals, save emails, and offer each one of my clients their very own Client Portal so that everything they need is all in one place. Plus everything is completely designed to my brand standards for a seamless client experience. And their customer service is the bomb. Instead of having a trial period based on time, Dubsado allows you a certain amount of jobs before upgrading to a paid plan so that you can check out all of the features at your own pace and make sure that it is the right fit for your business. 

Try it out and I dare you to honestly tell me that you don't love it. When you upgrade, you'll get 20% off your first month if you sign up for your trial by using the button below.


Recommended CRM for Photographers

#CommunityOverCompetition - Love it. Live it.
Honeybook is another great CRM. I have been a member of the Honeybook community and the Rising TIde Society for two years and the connections I have made to new clients and amazing creatives I would not trade for the world.

With Honeybook comes a unique community which offers insane networking opportunities. You can create a project and collaborate with another creative within the HB community even if you don't live near each other, PLUS you can manage your clients, contracts, and invoices from your phone with the Honeybook App.

If you are in the wedding industry, it's definitely worth a try!  Start a free trial with the button below, and if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan you'll get 20% off your first year of Honeybook.

the contract shop

Contracts & Templates for Creatives

Callin l creative movers and makers!
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I es ha inutes, ou ttorney-prepare n eer-reviewe greemen a n the hands of your client.  Christina has something for every business. Take a look and get legit contracts for your business using the link below.


Online Courses for Creative Minds

I am a firm believer in continuing education.  "If you don't use it you lose it!"
Skillshare is the video learning platform that I use to sharpen my creative skills and learn new ones.

They offer courses that cover everything from marketing and design to hand-lettering and crafts, business management, content creation, and beyond. I am subscribed to the premium version, which is under $100 for the entire year, and YOU can get two months of premium for free by clicking the button below.

Fair warning: if you love to learn and/or create, you're going to become addicted.



Website Platform


Get 20% off your first year of Squarespace*
When you hire me to design your website for you on Squarespace, I create the site under my and pass on the savings to you and because I am a Squarespace Circle member, you receive 20% off your subscription for the first year, no matter which plan you have. They have a plan for everyone, whether you are a personal lifestyle blogger, small business. or online store. I design your site, customize it to your brand and business needs, and then teach you how to manage it. It's SO easy. When your project is complete and the site is launched, ownership is transferred to you and you have some extra cash in your pocket from the $$ you saved.

*New Squarespace websites only


Online Printing Service

Moo is the best company for branded marketing, period.
Business cards, stickers, flyers, post cards, notebooks, envelopes... if you are an entrepreneur you will use at least one of these one a daily basis within your business. Yes, you can get discount collateral from hundreds of companies, but QUALITY of  Moo products is significantly greater than the rest.

You will notice the difference, but  most importantly your clients will notice and then they will tell their friends and give them your luxe business  card and BOOM more $$ for you. Their product options are plentiful, their finishes are amazing and their customer service is pretty great, too. Design your card right in Moo or download one of their templates to create on your own and upload.  If you have used Moo before, you already knew all of this.

If you have never tried it, TRY IT. GO CRAZY.  Use the button below to get 20% off your first order.