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We start with a deep-dive into why you do what you do, what makes your product the best, who you want to reach and how to best serve your target audience. The goal is to make people feel something, right? Spoiler: people don't feel anything with a clip art logo. If you want to make a true connection from your product or service to your ideal client, you need an cohesive brand identity system that translates from screen to print and an easy-to-navigate website for your people to explore. That’s where I come in!

It all starts with a complimentary virtual consultation where you tell me about your project, goals and timeline.


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Need regular design work but don't have the budget for a full-time designer?

Or maybe you have lightbulb moments and don't want to be put on a waitlist for your idea to come to life. KGCC on Retainer might be right for you. I take on a select number of retainer clients at a time to help their brand voice reach their target audience by keeping creative content up-to-date with monthly maintenance support.

The number one struggle I hear from clients and fellow creative business owners is “I don’t know where to start” — They try to do all of the things and be all of the people and don’t have systems in place to manage their business. I was that person five years ago. I’ve put in the work, taken the classes and can help you clean up your processes and organize your business so that you can start to serve your clients and make money.

Enhance your brand presence with product and lifestyle photography that speaks directly to your target audience. General brand photography, product photography, lifestyle photography, branded flat-lay photography, styled shoots — you dream it, I’ll capture it.

I design supporting digital collateral for your social media platforms, podcasts and online shops and print designs like business cards, brochures, sell sheets, packaging/labels, and branded guides for your customers.

Content calendars, feeds, stories, IGTV, pins, tweets, DMs… it can be a lot to handle! I’ll help you get your content organized so that you can visualize what your next 3-6-12 months looks like on social media.

Who is your audience? How are you staying connected with them? How are you managing your contacts outside of social media? We’ll work together to assess your current mailing list (or create a new one) and discuss an email marketing strategy that will help you scale your business. With over 6 years of Mailchimp experience, I know the ins and outs of automation, campaign design, landing pages, integrations, segmentations, sign-up forms and more. If you’ve already got a strategy and just need SEO-friendly email design that converts, well I can do that, too!

I want to help you: reach and maintain inbox zero, not stress about what your next social media post is going to be, plan your blog posts, promotions and events and the create templated checklists for the tasks that go with them, organize your files, manage your day to day to do list, automate your repetitive tasks and stick to your office hours so that your business sparks joy in your life!


Every business is different. A customized support plan is created based on needs, project goals, timeline, and budget.  In exchange for a flat monthly rate, you get piece of mind that tasks are being completed and designs are being created to move your business forward.  A three month contract is required to start and a set amount of hours or work is determined and agreed upon ahead of time.

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things to consider before inquiring


Each project will have a different workflow and timeline, but generally here is what you can expect to happen:

1. Before anything else,  we get on a 30-minute virtual coffee chat so that we can introduce ourselves and you can tell me about the services you might be interested in.
2. Based on your needs, my availability, and assuming that we are a good fit personality-wise, I will prepare a customized proposal with the discussed project scope, estimated timeline, the deliverables, and an estimated cost.
3. If everything in proposal looks good you will sign the proposal and contract and then pay the  non-refundable minimum fee which reserves time in my calendar for your project. For your convenience, all of this is done in one step!
4. We will hop on another call to discuss your project more in-depth and I will give a video walk-through of your Client Portal and Clickup. At this time I will also gather any resources I need for your project (logo files, inspo-board, brand assets, web copy, etc.)
5. We will get to work! I say we because it is truly a collaborative effort. Depending on the project(s), this could take anywhere from one week to six months.
6. Upon completion and final payment of the invoice, I will send you all of your deliverables in a nice little Google Drive packaged, labeled appropriately and ready for you to use confidently! 


Communication is number one, always. Because I rely on your knowledge of your business, brand, target audience, product, etc. I will be requesting your honest feedback throughout the design process.  In order for you to have the absolute best design experience, we will need to discuss about your specific needs and goals before we start and then revisit those same needs and goals throughout.

Content is the second number one. To avoid delays, rush fees, and unexpected overage charges, have all of your content prepared and ready for me to work with before the project starts. This includes your brand assets, a brand guide, images, written copy, and design specs if you have them. Having all of these neatly organized and properly labeled  in Google Drive will allow me to spend more time designing and less time emailing with questions, researching images, editing copy, or any other non-design tasks.



Yes... and no. I make myself as available as possible to my clients and I am always willing to help in whatever way that I can. You can email me questions at any time; email is always the best way to contact me. I do my best to answer emails within 24-48 hours during my office hours.  Please do be mindful that I serve multiple clients and a calendar that is prepared ahead of time, so if you are needing something that is out of your original project scope it will be scheduled for a future available date. 

I value your opinion and am truly invested in your business during our time together. I always provide feedback and suggestions where and when I feel it is appropriate and I encourage you to ask any questions you might have. I will bring my design and marketing experience to the table and combine it with your knowledge in your business values and assets and project goals. 

I will ask for design feedback during the project timeline, and a lot of these can be addressed with a simple "yes, that is great!" or "can we change this small thing?" - Our longest conversation will be during project deep dive call before the project starts.

After that, I just need you to be confident in my work and trust the process and provide feedback in a timely manner when I request it. It is important to make sure that we are on the same page from the start and your needs are able to be met without compromising agreements I might already have in place.


I know and understand that my clients may be working with a budget or trying to plan their books for the year. If you need regular design support, I recommend signing up for my retainer contract so that you can have a set amount of work planned ahead of time at a flat monthly rate.

The short answer -- it varies! Whether you are on retainer or needing an ale-carte service, each project is unique and requires a different set of research, skills, tasks, deliverables, and resources. The best way to ballpark is going to be to contact me A.S.A.P. so that I can help you in whatever way that I can. If my calendar is full or if we don't quite jive, I am happy to provide references, resources and referrals. 

If you don’t want to go the retainer & contract route, you can contact me for on-the fly services by hour.

My current rate for hourly graphic design services is $65/hour

My current rate for hourly website design maintenance is $75/hour

No contract needed. Just send me the design specs and your timeline and I’ll get to work and send you an invoice.