keeping it together

As a designer, photographer, and creative person in general, the left side of  my brain is very active. The right side, however, might be even more active as my days are guided by to-do lists, plans of action, automated workflows, and streamlined systems. Having a to-do list honestly makes me feel like I have it together even if I actually don't.

To keep things organized and everyone on the same page,  each client has their very own client portal.


What is a client portal?

Simply put, it is where all of the "admin" stuff lives.

Documents, questionnaires, contracts, invoices, emails, and links to any external files or websites that house design files, galleries, resources, and more. I track time, log calls, and set important appointments pertaining to your project within the same platform. 

Everything you (we) need, all in one place!

I use Google Drive to deliver design files, Clickup to manage projects, and Pic-time for photo galleries.

If you ever forget how to get to any of those, you can get access directly from your client portal.